Our Values Guide the Way

Own It

We recognize that the firm we want, and the success we desire, is not going to be handed to us. It takes work, and we each have a part to play each day to make it happen. People rely on us to deliver what we promise. We take responsibility for our area, but we ask for help when we need it to get things done. We are committed to the greater good, and we bring an abundance mindset to our work. We steward our time, talents, and financial resources, and invest these wisely to produce results that matter to our clients, to our team, and to us as individuals. Financial results are a by product of great work and strong relationships, not the primary goal.

Act With Respect And Transparency

Respect is an overused term, yet an underused practice. At ReviveHealth, respect means no one is more important than anyone else. Communication is clear and feedback is honest, but tactful. We accept errors (but not carelessness) and forgive mistakes, without condition. And we have an open, transparent culture and physical environment – any and all questions are welcome from anyone to anyone at any time within the right context and with the right intent.

Have Fun

We laugh a lot – with you, at you, and at ourselves. We take our jobs and our clients seriously, yet we know humor brings a sense of calm and perspective, which is when we do our best work. This is supposed to be fun, after all.

Be More Than More Of The Same

Varied backgrounds, opinions, and expertise create a better, more enriching firm. Diverse personalities, with people respecting others’ beliefs, allow us to develop different points of view. We’re not looking for more of the same – we’re looking for unique people who share our values and make us better. Creativity and distinction may take more time or more effort, yet providing “color” makes us different – we’re the “anti-plain.” Whether it’s the artwork in our office, our own marketing materials, or the creativity we offer clients, we seek to add a little flavor, and we are grateful for others who do, too. We are a vibrant group, demonstrated in our brand colors, our activities, our thinking, and the things we do together – retreat, group runs, eating and drinking, you name it.

Be Better

We push ourselves – to achieve our own goals, to be better every day, to help each other, and to give clients the best. We are brave in our work and our relationships. We take teamwork seriously, working together to do more than we could do individually. And we are accountable, doing what we say we’re going to do, and expecting others to do the same. Most of all, we each do our best work all the time, never satisfied and always challenging ourselves and each other. As our people grow, so does our value to our clients, whose success is intertwined with our own development. Fostering growth makes us better professionals and is at the forefront of everything we do.

Be Authentic

Trust, dependability, and integrity all feed off one another and are necessary qualities at ReviveHealth. We have lives – before work, during work, and after work. Yet we encourage people’s lives making their way into the office, because we genuinely know each other and believe relationships are important. Working at ReviveHealth is sharing your life with people that you care about, and being the same person at work who you are at home. We value people who are kind to others, and who believe that the Golden Rule extends beyond childhood.

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