Rebranding and Repositioning a Pediatric Practice


In the midst of a series of tumultuous events, the largest pediatric practice in Middle Tennessee found itself in a predicament forcing the company’s owner and lead physician to sell the practice. New ownership was announced to put the practice back on track and serve the thousands of people who depended on them for pediatric services. Recognizing the need for change in the aftermath, new owners initiated a name change – but that wasn’t enough to sway public perception following the events.


ReviveHealth’s branding strategy session and research helped Capstone Pediatrics hone its brand, establishing a brand personality and brand position statement.

Key messages supported by proof points identified what Capstone Pediatrics is – a pediatric and adolescent center of excellence – what it does, how its different from the competition, and the results, outcomes and benefits delivered to stakeholders. Each of these messages would come together to support a core theme – that Capstone Pediatrics is the most comprehensive, family-friendly medical home for children’s preventative and primary care. The new message platform is consistently used across the organization internally and externally in marketing communication efforts.logosThe brand positioning and message development effort also helped guide logo development. ReviveHealth created a logo for Capstone Pediatrics that expressed sophistication with just the right amount of playfulness to support its position as a center of excellence. In addition, we developed a complementary logo for the company’s subspecialty office, Specialists in Pediatric & Adolescent Health, keeping the continuity of the overall brand with a matching color palate.

Finally, RevivieHealth pushed Capstone Pediatrics to do much more than just refresh the look and content on its website; we also completely revisited navigation and improved overall functionality working with a web developer. The site was completed on time with a tight, one-month deadline from start to finish.

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