El Camino’s Digital Marketing Path to a New Paradigm

Despite operating in the birthplace of the mobile internet, the health system’s forward thinking leadership struggled to understand how to incorporate the functionality of digital tools into their overall marketing strategy.

El Camino engaged ReviveHealth, to develop a digital first marketing approach to raise brand awareness and meaningfully connect with key audiences and provide tactical recommendations to better leverage its digital tools. The partnership with ReviveHealth has yielded a new marketing paradigm, as it has shifted from a traditional marketing mindset to a digital one. By embracing a digital first marketing approach, El Camino has completely changed its mindset and adopted a more thoughtful, impactful approach to marketing

Unleashing the power of digital marketing enabled El Camino Hospital to meaningfully support its claim as the “hospital of Silicon Valley.”


increase in page views following launch of new site


new members in wellness program in 2015


users of online HRA in 2015


CTs from digital advertising in 2014

Revive’s in-depth digital audit uncovered the need for a thoughtful, comprehensive digital strategy that elevated the focus from simply utilizing common digital tools to thoughtfully incorporating them into their overall marketing program. A new website was the cornerstone of the digital strategy, for which ReviveHealth provided planning, content strategy, design, and ongoing consulting. Key elements of the website included content strategy, information architecture, and design.

This robust website revealed the need for thoughtful guidance on the development of El Camino’s brand. ReviveHealth offered expertise and thought leadership to help guide brand and naming strategy. From there El Camino relied on its partner to create a marketing measurement strategy and report to communicate the value of its investment to the health system’s executive leadership team and board of directors.

El Camino also looked to ReviveHealth to apply its digital marketing expertise to the development of a digital interface for its EMR and personalized content for its wellness program. Today, ReviveHealth is developing a personalized marketing strategy by launching a marketing automation platform and integrating CRM, email marketing and other digital tactics to provide more personalized communication throughout their marketing efforts.

“Now we’re thinking digital first instead of last.”

Chris Ernst, Chief Marketing Officer, El Camino
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