AHIP Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum

ReviveHealth’s Lindsay Resnick and UPMC’s Kelly Kimberland explore the similarities (and differences) in payer and provider digital experiences.

Digital Alignment: The Challenge for Provider-Owned Plans

December 8, 2016; 9:15-10:00 am CST

Today’s always-on, “moment-of-need” digital customers have high expectations: they want the information they seek in the medium they prefer, at the time of their choosing. And, they want an experience, from navigation to content to interactions, that’s consistent and reliable…because their interest and loyalty is won or lost in seconds. This holds true for health plans and at health providers alike.

But what happens when the health plan is the health provider, and vice-a-versa? This is the challenge in front of today’s provider-owned health plans, from the mega-regionals to the smaller local health system owned plans. How coordinated and consistent is the digital customer experience when a health plan member becomes a patient of that plan’s health system – in most cases, not very!

This session will explore similarities (and differences) in payer and provider digital experiences and address what benefits can be realized from a more aligned digital experience.

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