Joe Public Book Club: Data-Driven Marketing

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Scholar Clayton Christensen uses three stages to explain the advancements of medicine: intuitive, empirical, and precision — each describing how the professional has advanced from a rudimentary understanding of symptoms to precise diagnoses. What’s the connection to marketing you ask? These same stages mirror the evolution of healthcare marketing over the last decade. As an industry, we still often struggle with identifying exactly what our business and marketing challenges are, knowing with a high degree of confidence what will work to solve these challenges, and repeating the strategies and tactics to do work in a way that produces consistent results.

But, health systems are moving out of the darkness and “guessing” of intuitive marketing towards a data-driven marketing mindset, allowing marketers to understand and feel confident in the situations they face to derive more effective solutions.

The more advanced marketing leaders among us have solved many of these mysteries, if not universally, then in specific, applied circumstances.

David Duvall, one of the leading thinkers on data-driven marketing in healthcare, join us for our next “Joe Public” book club focused on “New Imperative Three: Data-Driven Marketing.” During this episode, we’ll dive into the following topics:

  • Leveraging data for hospital and health system marketing
  • Data and personalization
  • Using data to drive sophisticated marketing

While reading Joe Public III is not required to participate in the book club, click here to buy it today!

Facilitated by:

Chris Bevolo

Author of the “Joe Public” Series
EVP, ReviveHealth

David Duvall

SVP, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
Novant Health

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