Josh Schoonover

Vice President, Content Department Lead


As the leader of ReviveHealth’s content strategy efforts, Josh is responsible for developing and delivering compelling content that creates meaningful connections with people and inspires (re)action. He believes in the power of content and leverages it to increase brand attachment, create thought leaders, and drive audience engagement.

Prior to joining ReviveHealth, Josh served as the Associate Director of Content Strategy at ECG Management Consultants. With 15 years of experience working in and around healthcare, he uses his understanding of the critical issues facing the industry to help organizations illuminate the key insights, messages, and stories that need to be shared with the desired audience.

A perpetual learner, Josh has pursued a master’s degree in journalism and doctoral studies in healthcare design at Arizona State University. He is a self-professed music snob, frozen pizza aficionado, and likely the only person you’ll ever meet with an allergy to poultry.

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