Phil Stone

Senior Vice President

Phil is a seasoned leader in the business of healthcare who digs helping connect day-to-day action to the big picture of what the organization needs to do to win. Over the past 20 years, he’s developed deep expertise in organizational business planning, systems design and innovation, strategic business execution, and culture building, making the case from a finance perspective how all of these lead to business results.

Currently he focuses on using visual thinking, design methodologies, and lean startup principles to tackle the toughest challenges facing our clients and our agency. Anyone in healthcare knows this industry is incredibly complex, and he’s finding these tools essential to cutting through the noise. Fun for Phil is collaborating with others to create clarity and seeing the massive energy it unleashes toward action.

Phil earned an MBA in finance from the University of Colorado and completed his undergraduate work at the University of Oklahoma. Living in Nashville, Phil is married with two daughters and enjoys good coffee, a great hike, and spending time at the beach.

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