How to Beat the Category Leader

Welcome to healthcare’s brand and positioning “vagueness epidemic”

“_______ provides an integrated suite of services, spanning the entire continuum of care, with the patient at the center.”


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Can you name that company? It’s everyone — and no one. Welcome to healthcare’s brand and positioning “vagueness epidemic.”

Healthcare has long lagged behind other industries in prioritizing brand strategy, but times are changing. Perhaps it’s because the ROI wasn’t clear until consumerism, transparency, and real competition made inroads in healthcare. But today, the sea of sameness is the real strategy problem. “Challenger Brands in Healthcare” answers the more challenging question of how to break the cycle of “sameness.”

We break it down by:

  • Explaining the rise of the challenger brands
  • Prerequisites for a challenger brand
  • When it works
  • When it might not work

Think your organization has what it takes to be a challenger brand?



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