Joe Public I: Joe Public Doesn’t Care About Your Hospital

A manifesto for transforming healthcare marketing

Joe Public I Book CoverHospital and health system marketers are under unprecedented pressure to demonstrate results while facing dramatic changes in their industry.

To meet these challenges, marketers must break from the past and move their marketing strategies forward in new and better ways. In this book, recognized change agent Chris Bevolo issues healthcare marketers a call to arms to transform healthcare marketing, while providing an arsenal of ideas, techniques and tactics they can use to position their own organizations for success.

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Not only does ‘Joe Public’ provide guidance to healthcare marketers to lead our organizations with smarter marketing, it was also like sitting in a therapy session! Every ‘bad habit’ I read about reminded me I’m not alone in the battle to shake off the outdated and ineffective methods of healthcare marketing from the past. I’m inspired!

I definitely plan to share this book with my marketing communications team (so they can have the same therapy!) and our executive leaders. Chris’ marketing wisdom will provide credible support for our marketing ideas that may seem ‘out there’ to our leaders. Just as leaders are challenged with the new realities in healthcare, I want them to be educated on the new realities in marketing, and this book will me do just that.

Heidi W. Grunkemeyer
Operations Director, Marketing & Communications

Filled with interesting examples and funny (but true) experiences, this book is a great read for all healthcare marketers. Straight and to the point, it provides a clear map to help healthcare marketers move away from old and fruitless methods and journey toward strategic, effective results. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and will recommend it to others!

Terri McNorton
Vice President, Marketing and Communications

This Joe is an interesting character. I’d like to get his street address so I can realign my billboard placements to reach him more effectively. In ‘Joe Public Doesn’t Care about Your Hospital,’ Chris Bevolo gives comfort to the hospital marketer affected by common political maladies and ineffective organizational habits. By applying his clear diagnosis and plan of treatment, there can be a good prognosis for restored sanity within the hospital marketing function. Hospital marketers will want to buy extra copies of ‘Joe Public’ to ‘accidentally’ leave behind in the C-suite and board room.

Warren A. Johnson
Marketing Director

Chris tells it like it is, calling out the state of the healthcare marketing today and suggesting bold, but common-sense, approaches that offer clear direction in today’s rapidly changing environment. There is an urgency to his message during these times of transition, when yesterday’s more comfortable marketing tactics won’t work in the new world of ACOs, healthcare reform and empowered consumers.

Tom Hayes
Director of Public Relations and Marketing

Bevolo eloquently explains and exposes the five primary things broken in healthcare marketing. Things marketers understand but only discuss in hushed whispers with their colleagues. This book gives marketers the ammunition they need to explain and implement these “truths” throughout their organization and bring healthcare marketing back to a level of respectability.

Richard Matula
Marketing Manager

If you think there’s something wrong with your marketing but aren’t sure exactly what it is or how to fix it, then you should own this book. If you don’t think that there’s anything wrong with your marketing, then this book is absolutely required reading. Chris Bevolo demonstrates once again why he’s one of the sharpest thought leaders in healthcare today. ‘Joe Public Doesn’t Care About Your Hospital’ is a wake up call for healthcare marketers.

Ben Dillon
Vice President and eHealth Evangelist

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