2017 Trends

The forces shaping healthcare decoded for marketing
communications leaders.

With new ideas and technologies – and opportunities – on the horizon, are you prepared for what lies ahead? We’ve uncovered the top 10 most impactful trends of 2017 and their marketing and communications implication.

Check out the webinar — and download a copy of the full report — to ensure you’re positioned for success.

Our unique focus on the business of healthcare and understanding of the industry brings a fresh perspective to how you should be thinking about what’s coming in 2017.

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  • number-1

    Artificial Intelligence

    Breaking down the impact of Artificial Intelligence, cognitive computing, and machine learning on healthcare in the cognitive era. Read More »

  • number-2

    Behavioral Health Innovation

    How increasing technology – and breaking down stigmas – will bridge the gap in behavioral health services and increase overall quality care. Read More »

  • number-3

    Healthcare's Trust Gap

    How will trust, value, and data impact healthcare’s transformation in 2017? The Trust Index results are here, could trust be limiting value-based healthcare? Read More »

  • number-4


    Slowly but surely, interoperability is gaining ground and changing the way providers and patients give, receive, track, and pay for care. Learn how you can harness its power in 2017. Read More »

  • number-5

    Precision Medicine

    What the Emerging Field of Precision Medicine Means for Technology, Services, and Healthcare Organizations. Read More »

  • number-6


    What MACRA means for providers, health services, and health IT companies, and how all three can work together to optimize its implementation. Read More »

  • number-7


    Can traditional healthcare providers maintain their competitive edge and consumer loyalty against the giant consumer brands turning into household healthcare names? Read More »

  • number-8

    Strategic Venture Funding

    Amid healthcare’s inefficient business models, strategic venture partners can offer needed capital and outside perspective in 2017. Read More »

  • number-9

    Technology Commoditization

    Don’t be a toaster – Keep your technological innovation new and unique in the age of rapid development with these four strategies. Read More »

  • number-10

    Consumer Responsibility

    Consumers are facing more responsibility, options, and resources when it comes to their healthcare choices – but costs are still holding them back. Read More »

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