"The End of Hospital Marketing" - Joe Public III


In his two previous Joe Public books that called for revolutionary change in the healthcare marketing field, Chris Bevolo expressed the idea that as a whole, the health system sector was a decade behind other industries in its understanding and application of marketing and branding.

But over the past few years, this gap has clearly closed, as a number of leading health system marketers are taking advanced and innovative approaches to marketing and branding. Or, put another way, we’ve arrived at a place where great hospital marketing can be described simply as great marketing.

Chris’s newest book, “Joe Public III: The End of Hospital Marketing,” outlines the new best practices in hospital and health system marketing. Chris also shares what the marketing leaders at these organizations have in common that helps them drive greater success.

Introducing: The Joe Public Book Club!

We’re launching an all-new way to engage with the book’s content: a webinar series focused on the six New Imperatives. We’ve designed these to be intimate meetings that you won’t want to miss — exclusively for health system marketers to explore the book’s topics in depth with Chris alongside some of the leaders who were interviewed for the book.
The best part? It’s all free.


What others are saying:

Chris Bevolo has given us another thought-provoking and timely gem to add to the “great books” collection for health care marketers and strategists. As with his previous books, the message is not only insightful, but the text is highly readable and the recommendations actionable. Chris likes to shake it up, which is good, since we are in a new era in this field, especially as it relates to the market-facing functions. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to take his/her organization to the next level, and thrive in this emerging market environment — which is dramatically different than anything we’ve seen in the past.

Preston Gee
Vice President, Strategic Marketing

Chris Bevolo has once again taken the pulse of our industry with his six new imperatives of healthcare marketing. This third Joe Public book is the perfect punctuation to the first two, showing that, in a few short years, healthcare marketing has evolved quickly and that great healthcare marketing is just great marketing! Along the way, he introduces the reader to the marketing leaders who are driving that evolution with tangible examples of how they’ve done it. For those of us on this journey, it is both cathartic and inspiring.

Don Stanziano
Vice President, Marketing and Communications

In healthcare marketing circles, Joe Public has always been embraced as an inspirational mandate for change. In the much anticipated and final installment in the series, Joe Public has taken on a new persona that appeals to an even broader audience. Joe Public III: The End of Hospital Marketing celebrates the success of several forward-thinking organizations that embraced the new paradigm. For healthcare marketers, the book serves as affirmation of their bravery. And for other healthcare leaders, it is an empirical manifesto of why they should trust their marketing experts – not only to do great marketing, but also to guide business strategy as consumerism takes hold in our industry. Thank you, Chris Bevolo, for amplifying and elevating our ability to positively impact the health of the populations we serve.

Marian Dezelan
Chief Marketing Executive

Experience-based reading for marketers, strategists and health care executives. Great credit to Chris Bevolo for honoring the critical role marketing leadership must play in the modern day health care system, based on the learned wisdom from some of our industry’s brightest minds. Practically speaking, you’ll know where your organization stacks up after reading the last of the Joe Public trilogy.

Bjorn Gunnerud
Vice President, Marketing and Communications

In healthcare marketing, it often feels like everyone around us thinks everything they ask of us is important – really important — but the reality is that everything isn’t of the same importance and resources (human, financial, time) are limited. That is why this book is so important. Just like the previous Joe Public books, Joe Public III serves as an endorsement for what most of us as marketers know is true. It serves as a guide and provides the inspiration to keep running — even if it is uphill with ankle weights on while someone holds on to our leg! Because what we do matters to our brand and our new and loyal consumers. It is good to be a health care marketer!

Dana Allen
System Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

A Manifesto for Transforming Healthcare Marketing

Since 2008, Chris Bevolo has been crusading for change in healthcare marketing. His 2011 book, “Joe Public Doesn’t Care About Your Hospital,” has been a driver of dramatic change in health system marketing efforts across the country. Building on the success of the first book, in 2014 he released “Joe Public II: Embracing the New Paradigm,” a strategic guide to digital and content marketing for hospitals and health systems.

Those books form the foundation of a point of view that now guides ReviveHealth’s approach to health system marketing. Marketing visions, department restructuring, digital integration, change management – Revive is working with clients today on all of these efforts and more. And because the need for change is as great today as ever, we continue to generate more content and resources, from the emerging “confluence” trend to the growing role of the marketing technology “stack.” 


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