Marketing’s New World Order

How will you reengineer your approach?

Marketers across every industry are facing a revolution, and healthcare is no exception.

Certainly, things are changing – your channels, your customers, your employees, your leaders your businesses, your industry – in dramatic ways. To thrive in this new place, leveraging all the great benefits of the new paradigm, you have to choose to go there, and then you have to do the work. We’ve labeled these efforts “reengineering,” nodding to the hard work this change takes.

“Vanderbilt University Medical Center is rapidly innovating its approach to healthcare delivery, and we needed an agency partner that not only understands our clinical and business strategies, but can help us with creative tools and tactics to engage consumers across all platforms… We will work with ReviveHealth to differentiate our brand and reach people where they are, which is increasingly mobile, always on, and with a whole new set of expectations when it comes to the experience they have with our brand.”
For the full story, check out the press release.

Jill Austin, Chief Marketing Officer, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

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